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LSM - 98S - R95 Automatic Cup Sealing Machine- UNIT - Cup Sealers




- Uses extremely strong and lightweight ABS material

- User-friendly and easy-to-operate microcomputer control
- Suitable for many types of materials such as PE, PP films and cups
- Enhanced security door design
- Automatic error code for easy troubleshooting
- Automatic cup jack for different cups' heights
- New film rewinding design for easy replacement of sealing film
The LS-98S Table-Top Cup Sealing Machine is the latest and value-for-money model. Fully motor-driven and lightweight, it is suitable for all beverage and cafe storefronts. Top Sealing provides leak-proof solution that is hygienic and portrays a fantastic brand image.



Measurement:  350mm x 360mm x 640mm
Voltager: 220V, 400W
Weight: 22kg
Production Rate: 250cups/hr